The Pros and Cons of Relying on your Comfort Zone

There are so many sayings and catchy lines out there about taking risks and being bold that it almost seems like a bad thing to dwell and enjoy your own little comfort zone.

The truth is that comfort zones exist because people need them.

Comfort zones provide familiarity and shelter from many of life’s scariest and most intimidating moments.

Comfort zones give people a break from the challenging things they are going through, while simultaneously serving as something that can help them recharge and take on the challenges they need to confront in the future.

There comes a point when holding on to these comfort zones turns into something that is no longer beneficial, and it may even be damaging.

For instance, a hardworking employee might pass up a chance for a promotion even though he deserves it because the new position carries greater responsibilities. It can be easy to shun it and retreat into a comfort zone, and in the process, a great opportunity is wasted.

That’s obviously not ideal, and it’s also not ideal when even the smartest risks are not taken simply because they threaten the concept of the comfort zone.

Comfort zones are helpful and needed, but they should not be relied upon all of the time.

Being risk-free is fine to a certain point, but being too afraid to take chances of any kind is one way to go nowhere fast.

Every now and then, it’s wise to leave behind the comfort zone and embrace uncertainty and take a leap of faith, especially when taking a chance that may never present itself again.

Comfort zones can keep a person emotionally balanced, but not detached and afraid.

A comfort zone is, after all, just a zone. There’s a wonderful world waiting to be explored outside of it, and it’s one worth taking the risk.